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While you're here, we have a few requests to protect both our koi and our customers who shop here.  Common courtesy mostly, but we do have our reasons.  There are two viruses that have been gaining significant ground in the koi world.  If a pond gets contaminated, 90% mortalities are common.  And the survivors are carriers.  There is no definite cure as of yet.  And the modes of transmission are still debatable.  The rules aren't meant to offend, please follow them.  

1 - Do not bring anything on the premises that is pond related.  This includes any fish, any water samples, any piece of pond plumbing, any nets, basically ANYTHING.  If you need assistance, we'll be more than happy to take a walk to your car.  This goes for merchandise that hasn't been used as well.  You may know it wasn't used, but we don't.

2 - Do not put any part of your body in the ponds.  I'd say hands, but somebody WOULD stick their toes in, because I didn't say anything about toes....

3 - Although it's very tempting, we ask that you don't touch the koi.

4 - Do not touch valves or pull ropes to see the koi better.  Wait for assistance from us.

5 - Do not wave your arms over the ponds or point quickly at the koi.

6 - Your children are expected to follow the same rules.

7  - Absolutely NO PETS.  PERIOD.

8 - The yard is full of 3/4 inch crushed stone as ground cover.  DO NOT allow your children to throw, drop or gently place the rocks in the ponds.  This applies to parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and ANYONE  (same guy with the toes in the pond) who may be here.

9 - Do not put ANYTHING (this includes food) in the ponds.

In order for us to maintain the health of our koi, the above rules have become a necessity for us.  Thanks for cooperating!





In the picture below, you can either click on the area where you'd like to view the koi, or on the hyperlink above...........              




At RIVER ROADS, our main concern is raising healthy koi.  All of our koi that are for sale have been raised from successful spawnings of our own stock (our last import was in May of 1999).  We like to know that our koi are going to homes where they'll be cared for.  In our website, you'll find some practical and basic information to help you keep your koi alive. The hobby can be truly rewarding and it can also be totally devastating.  You can make it truly rewarding with a little effort and knowledge.  The effort is minimal when you see the pleasure you'll get from your little wet friends.


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            ........some other shots of the display pond 

                                       and some of our koi.............

                               (click on the picture to enlarge it)

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   We stock and sell the some of the necessities including test kits, Hai Feng koi food, ultraviolet water clarifiers, dechlorinators, filter media and more.  We specialize in custom bead filtration for ponds up to 200,000 gallons.

     Getting test kits is a start --- USING them is a necessity.  Too many people don't test their water.  Some are intimidated, others don't feel it's needed --- they want a natural pond.  For the latter group, their fish will naturally die.  If you're in the group who's intimidated --- don't be!  It's really very simple once you have a basic understanding.  Most of us learn the hard way.  You can minimize a good deal of your ponding problems if you read and understand the WATER QUALITY section.  It should give you a good grasp of what goes on in a pond. 


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